About Keva

Our Group Companies

S H Kelkar and Company Limited founded in 1922, is our flagship company. Today, one hundred years later, we are one of the largest fragrance manufacturers in India, with the following key subsidiaries:

Keva Fragrances Private Limited

Engaged in manufacture of aroma ingredients, Keva Fragrances Private Limited has products that span multiple categories and has its reach globally. The Company has a multi – purpose plant in Vapi and Mahad.  

Keva Flavours Private Limited
Involved in the manufacture and development of food and beverage flavours for the last several decades, Keva Flavours Private Limited specialises in flavours for the pharma, dairy, tea, and beverage markets. From toothpaste to dessert, Keva Flavours adds taste to a variety of foods and beverages.
Keva Ventures Private Limited

An initiative by Keva to incubate new technologies and innovations and to support start-ups, Keva Ventures provides end-to-end product development in personal care fragrances, home fragrances, food flavours and beverage flavours.

Amikeva Private Limited
S H Kelkar and Company Limited holds 51% stake in Amikeva Private Limited through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Keva Ventures Private Limited. The company develops and markets fine fragrances in line with emerging trends in European markets, and curates new product profiles for consumer delight.
NuTaste Food and Drink Labs Private limited

S. H. Kelkar and Company Limited acquired a 100% stake in NuTaste Food and Drink Labs Private Limited through its wholly owned subsidiary, Keva Flavours Private Limited. NuTaste manufactured premium grade ingredients and products, natural ingredients and extracts, nutraceuticals, etc. It operates a manufacturing unit in Gurgaon.

Continuously evolving, while remaining true to our founding ideals.

Keva Fragrance Industries Pte. Ltd.

This company provides sales and marketing assistance to Keva, across South East Asia.

PT SHK Keva Indonesia

This company is involved in the trade and distribution of perfumery compounds.

Keva UK Limited

This company manages the investment of S H Kelkar and Company Limited, in the Netherlands

Anhui Ruibang Aroma Co Ltd
Headquartered in Fuyang, Anhui (a wholly owned subsidiary of Keva Fragrance Industries Pte Ltd) is a leading aroma ingredient Company in China having tonalid manufacturing facility.
Creative Flavours and Fragrances S.p.A (CFF)
A leading fragrance company in Italy since 2000, CFF has a strong presence across Europe and enjoys a coveted market position. It also has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and R&D lab in Milan. Keva acquired CFF in 2018.
Keva Europe BV

A wholly-owned subsidiary of S H Kelkar and Company Limited, Keva Europe BV in the Netherlands is a holding company for Keva’s operations in Europe. It is also involved in the discovery and research of fragrances, flavours, and aroma ingredients.

Keva Italy Srl

Established in 2019, Keva Italy Srl is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keva Europe BV. It was incorporated as a part of Keva’s international business strategy.

Nova Fragranze Srl
This company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative Flavours and Fragrances SpA and is engaged in product development, sales, and marketing of professional salon products.
Provier Beheer BV

S H Kelkar, through its wholly owned subsidiary Keva Europe B.V., has acquired 100% stake in Provier Beheer BV (Holding Company of Holland Aromatics BV). Incorporated in the year 1984, Holland Aromatics is a leading fragrance company in the Netherlands. It has a strong presence in Europe, Middle East and Asia.