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Technical Services

Deciphering Knowledge into Applicable Scientific Processes

We offer a range of biotechnology research and cosmetic ingredients testing services through our Scientific Research Centre (SRC) which was established in the year 1995 in association with Shri. V.G. Vaze College.

The SRC was conceptualized with the aim of deciphering knowledge into applicable scientific processes useful for the betterment of humankind.

The centre is engaged in academic and research programmes, leading to the development of viable industrial biotechnologies. With over 15 years of standing, SRC is recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (Government of India).

Additionally, its Testing Laboratory is approved by the FDA and is engaged in R&D in the area of Aromatic and Medicinal Plant Production, Cultivation and Processing of Essential Oils. It also conducts Consultancy, Formulation and Efficacy Studies in
Cosmetics and Pharma Products and Problem-Solving Services for Domestic and International Markets.

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Biotechnology and Microbiology Research

We continually push the boundaries, to find natural substitutes for chemical syntheses. Our extensive research across two complementing divisions – Plant Biotechnology and Microbiology, allows us to conserve and propagate endangered plant species, and carry out efficacy studies of formulations, respectively. We employ cutting-edge techniques like genetic engineering, molecular marker technology, tissue culture studies, in-vitro antimicrobial testing, in-vivo efficacy studies, and more, to arrive at pioneering bio-transformations and gene cloning.

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Cosmetic Research

Skin ageing and wrinkling, acne and dark patches are some common ailments that afflict consumers across the world.

At Keva, we collaborate with global skincare brands to deliver efficacious solutions that tackle these skin conditions. We work with a variety of herbs using phytochemical fingerprinting, for use in cosmetics.

We’ve also developed stringent screening protocols that help us evaluate the cosmetic potential of these herbal extracts. Through meticulous standardisation processes using HPTLC, HPLC, GCMS and UV-VIS Spectrophotometry, we develop aesthetic cosmetic formulations using active ingredients and additives.

Leveraging uncompromising testing standards, we check these formulations for safety and efficacy, to finally deliver products that unfailingly meet global requirements.

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Cosmetic Biotechnology

We have initiated a programme to evaluate fragrance ingredients for the production of cosmetics.

Using biotechnology-derived fragrance ingredients, we have arrived at over 250 organic chemicals and have tested these against skin microflora, for their anti-microbial and deodorant properties.

We also undertake numerous other studies such as the Development of Tissue Culture and Genetic Engineering Programmes.

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Custom Synthesis

At Keva, we work closely with varied industries like pharmaceuticals and agriculture and undertake custom synthesis and chemical processes for them

Technical Services

About our Scientific Research Centre

We translate our vast knowledge acquired through academic and research programmes, into viable scientific processes and industrial biotechnologies that benefit brands. This, we do, at our Scientific Research Centre (SRC) which aims to decipher knowledge in Applicable Scientific Processes for the betterment of humankind and is engaged in academic and research programmes leading to the development of viable Industrial Biotechnologies.

Our cutting-edge activities at SRC include extensive research and development in aromatic and medicinal plant production, cultivation, and processing of essential oils. It gives our customers an edge over others by conducting formulation and efficacy studies in cosmetics and pharma products and problem-solving services for domestic and international markets.

Quick Facts on SRC

  1. Established in 1995, in association with the Shri V. G. Vaze College, Mumbai
  2. Approved by the FDA
  3. Recognised by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Govt. of India