Ingredients that inspire, immerse & indulge


We hit the right notes with finely crafted ingredients

Our aroma ingredients form the building blocks of some of the world’s most cherished scents.

As a major player in fragrance development, our strong presence in the domain of aroma ingredients gives us enviable backward integration capabilities. We manufacture the ingredients out of two factories in India and the Netherlands and have achieved market leadership in the supply of key ingredients.



The scent of a forest trail, the essence of ancient traditions, the spirit of contemporary customs, the aura of bygone memories, and the perfume of fresh experiences.

These are some of nature’s best-kept secrets that inspire us to craft our palette of natural fragrances.

At Keva, we go the extra mile. We ensure that the ingredients we source have the least impact on our environment. Our team of experts and scientists collaborate with sourcing specialists and comb the globe in search of rare and fine ingredients. Using techniques like total extraction and biotechnology, we craft infallible solutions that are 100% sustainable.

Today, over a hundred years on, we’re a full-service fragrance company that specialises in innovative ingredients sourced ethically. In 2012, we merged our trust and liaison with Saiba Industries Pvt. Ltd., to offer customers superior quality natural extracts. Our natural extracts plant is FDCA-approved and can produce over 30 metric tonnes per annum.



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With positive social impact

As a backward-integrated fragrance manufacturer, we offer the advantage of our sound expertise in the domains of captives and aroma molecules. Leveraging our Aroma Ingredients division, which has manufacturing facilities in India and China, we strive to ensure the ready availability of superior raw materials at fair prices.

Engaging with local farmer communities

We are also passionate about our environment and the local communities that thrive in it. We collaborate with farmers and help them cultivate essential oil-bearing plants like Citronella, Lemongrass and Geranium. Our agricultural experts continually engage with these farmers, handholding them every step of the way, and educating them about fertilisers, irrigation, harvesting and more. We also help them procure loans and funding for setting up distillation plants at their farms and guarantee them a buy-back for the essential oils they produce. Ultimately, we aim to make a positive impact...from farm to fragrance.