Towards a Sustainable Future

Sustainability is not an afterthought. It’s deeply ingrained in all that we do.

Sustainability @ Keva

Sustainability, an Integral Part of Our Work

We believe sustainability and business are two sides of the same coin. We recognise that our actions have a far reaching impact on local communities and the ecology. Therefore we remain committed to environmental sustainability and aim at safeguarding the future of business and bettering lives. At keva we seek to make a difference.

Our Green Initiatives

Solar Energy

Building and instilling a culture of sustainability begins at home.

That’s why, we’ve switched to solar power at our corporate office at Mulund, Mumbai.

This has helped us reduce our carbon footprint by almost 129.1 tons of CO2 annually, with a projected 3227.5 tons of CO2, over 25 years. Additionally, this has led to a reduction in heating of the top floor due to direct sunlight.

We’ve also taken concrete steps to reduce power consumption at our Vashivali factory by setting up a 360kW Solar PV power plant that covers the Administration, Blending and Chemical buildings. Equipped to produce 6,20,500kWh of energy annually, this solar plant has helped reduce costs by almost 6 million and meets up to 30% of our electric power requirement.

Our Green Initiatives

Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Our aroma chemicals manufacturing facility at Vapi was fitted with a mix feed boiler which requires close to 1000 MT of fuel, corresponding to approximately 5000 MT of eq CO2 emissions.

We replaced this boiler with a state-of-the-art bio-based briquette boiler that is fitted with a dust collector, thus eliminating particulate discharge and reducing our carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

We also work with local municipal authorities to find ways to convert household waste to boiler fuel in the form of pellets.

Our Green Initiatives

Rainwater Harvesting

Water is precious, and we do our bit to preserve it, at our Vashivali plant in Maharashtra. Back in 2007-2008, we installed a rainwater harvesting plant at the factory, to collect rainwater from all the buildings on site. This has helped us harvest close to 5000-5500 Kl of water YoY.

Our Green Initiatives

Reverse Osmosis Plant and Multiple Effect Evaporator

Our Vashivali plant is a Zero Liquid Discharge unit. We have improved the effluent system and its disposal, by installing a Multi-effect Evaporator (MEE) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant.

Our Green Initiatives

Food Waste Composting Machine

We treat our canteen and garden waste at our Vashivali plant in a Foodie Machine that converts the waste into manure within 24 hours. 

We then use this manure to nourish the plants and greenery within our premises.

The Foodie Machine can process up to 75 kgs of waste per day and convert it into 7.5 kgs of manure.

Our Green Initiatives

Other Green Initiatives

We conserve energy in a variety of ways at Keva, affording us considerable cost and energy savings.

We’ve installed motion sensors in the washrooms and passage areas that save energy in the absence of human movement. Similarly, our premises are lit with LED lights instead of conventional CFL lamps/ sodium vapour or mercury vapour lamps.

To eliminate air and noise pollution respectively, we’ve replaced diesel forklifts with battery-operated ones, and conventional reciprocating compressors with noiseless screw compressors.

To discontinue the use of soak pits for toilets, we constructed an STP plant where we treat water, which in turn is used to irrigate our gardens.

We also do our bit towards afforestation and have planted over 9000 trees across our sites, which include 2000 Australian Teak and Pink Pepper trees at Vashivali.

Finally, we recycle our paper scrap into miscellaneous items of use such as paper bags and notepads.

Sustainability is not an afterthought. It’s deeply ingrained in all that we do.