Fragrances, Loved by Millions

We are the largest fragrance company in India and our fragrances are cherished by many. Our portfolio spans multiple product categories, for brands all over the world.


An effortless combination of two worlds

At Keva, we are continually transforming, while remaining true to our founding ideals:

A scientific edge and an artistic imagination are the integral pillars of our company. Science and art play an equal part in ensuring continued growth and success for our clients across the world. The integration of these two seemingly different functions is possible, thanks to our unparalleled commitment to excellence, and the world-class standards we uphold in every activity. These form the backbone of Keva and allow us to perform complex operations with ease. We believe our technological prowess and creative skills are akin to two halves of a brain. When integrated, they deliver results that give an edge of novelty to every associated brand.

Today, our fragrances and flavours are found in many of India’s bestselling brands in their respective product categories.

Our Portfolio

Personal Care

Fragrances trigger a host of emotions, memories and experiences, which is why they are so integral to personal care products. From a relaxing fragrance that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day to a burst of energy in the morning to get you going, we offer wide range of fragrances, fragrances that help consumers connect with the products emotionally. At Keva, we offer you the finest personal care fragrances. We also advise you on how each fragrance performs in an environment, and the impact it has on consumer behaviour.

Our Portfolio

Hair Care

Fragrances play a vital role in the haircare category of consumer products. They determine consumers’ perceptions of the products, i.e., whether they are luxurious, glossy, nourishing, etc. Haircare fragrances are as important, as are texture and the nature of the products. Through our offerings, we aim to meet every need, without compromising on quality.

Our Portfolio

Home Care

Everyone desires a spotless kitchen, free from food stains and oil deposits or a living room that’s sparkling clean. But what about the residue odour that sticks to kitchen platforms or the musty smell that the floor emits in the absence of a fragrance. Mal odours are a big turn-off and can diminish the brand’s perceived efficacy in the eyes of consumers. At Keva, we design home fragrances that mask mal odours, giving you pleasant fragrances that aid brand recall and recognition. We combine creative thinking with an acute scientific edge, to explore unchartered territories that help us design innovative fragrances for every imaginable home care product.

Our Portfolio

Fabric Care

The smell of freshness is always associated with laundered clothes and towels. Our fragrances are designed to withstand the wash cycle and linger on the fabric, to become a hallmark of freshness when worn. A refined blend of ingredients and discernment, which comes with experience, goes into making our fragrances for fabric care.

Our Portfolio

Skin Care

Fragrances, especially those for cosmetics and skincare, are known to boost the confidence of consumers and play an important role in interpersonal relationships. As a leading fragrance company, we work with some of the biggest skincare and cosmetics brands. We combine local insights with prompt execution and manufacture fragrances for cosmetics and skincare products. We deliver sensorial breakthroughs that keep these products rolling in the marketplace! Needless to say, we help consumers kickstart each day on a fragrant note.

Our Portfolio

Fine Fragrance

Over the past 100 years, we’ve perfected the art of crafting fine fragrances that evoke a range of emotions. We are masters at formulating fragrance ingredients that turn scents into cherished perfumes. From subtle fruity and floral undertones to stronger woody and leathery ones, we craft fragrances that arouse countless emotions. We combine our technological prowess with artistic imagination, to craft scents that linger on as pleasant memories for years to come.