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Global Expertise

Meeting global standards with cutting-edge research, innovation & technology.

We are agile.
We are flexible.

That’s why we are indispensable to our clients’ supply chains. 

Mumbai, India STCDMP
Vapi, India MP
Vashivali, India MP
Mahad, India MP
Almere, Netherlands CD
Amsterdam, Netherlands CD
Almere, Netherlands MP
Milan, Italy MPCD
Singapore CD
Jakarta, Indonesia CD

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Global Expertise

7 Creative Development Centres

At Keva, we recognise that creative breakthroughs require the right atmosphere and culture to thrive.

We continually strive to create these conditions, at our 7 Creative Development Centres, located across 3 continents.

Through these centres, we employ experienced talent, who help us carry out continuous market and consumer research in multiple parts of the world. This ensures that we are well-versed with local tastes, which we then use to develop products that will be novel to different markets. To facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas, we also organise joint workshops and training sessions. We select talents from different centres to work together on key projects, eventually leading to a more vibrant set of solutions for our clients. They provide the fuel that allows us to stay ahead of the times.







Meeting global standards with cutting-edge research, innovation & technology.

Global Expertise

6 Manufacturing Plants

Our global manufacturing excellence stems from the ease with which we manage complex operations, resulting in a unique combination of size and agility.

This enables us to meet the needs of over 4000 local and multinational clients with ease. We’ve pioneered cutting-edge technologies like automatic blending, which require minimum human intervention, ensuring that formulae and trade secrets remain confidential.

We’ve also achieved significant backward integration capabilities in our fragrances division. We manufacture both fragrances and the aroma ingredients that go into them. This allows us substantial flexibility in effectively responding to changes in demand.

Global Expertise

1 Science & Technology Centre

The vision at our S&T centre is to ‘strive for the development of quality flavour and fragrance ingredients’. We continually work to discover new and innovative formulations that has led us to file 22 patents and 6 publications till date.

We have a team of 100+ qualified scientists and chemists who combine their know-how with the power of technology, to arrive at innovative and cost-effective formulations and custom syntheses.

Maharashtra, India

Our centre in Mumbai is dedicated to the discovery and development of new aroma products, processes and technologies

The S&T division comprises of 100+ members in diverse departments like Discovery, Technology, Analytical, Regulatory, Quality, Naturals & Cosmetic Innovations.

Global Expertise

Quality Control

Seldom are manufacturing processes of fragrances, flavours and aroma ingredients simple. Each product is unique and comes with its own set of challenges. But we ensure that they meet global QC standards at every stage. All our fragrances are also compliant with global regulatory standards, while our flavours adhere to certifications issued by the FSSC, the FSSAI and other regulatory bodies.

Our highly-equipped flavour testing laboratories include Gas Chromatographs (GCs), Density Meters, Automatic Polarimeters, Tintometers, Flash-point Testers and Microbiological Testing.