Our aroma ingredients form the building blocks of some of the world’s most cherished scents. And as a major player in fragrances, our strong presence in aroma ingredients gives us enviable backward integration capabilities. We manufacture the ingredients out of two factories in India and the Netherlands, and have achieved market leadership in the supply of key ingredients.

List of Products

Ingredient Name CAS No. Fragrance Note Information
TONALID II 1506-02-1 or 21145-77-7 Musk, sweet, powdery, woody download
PHANTOLID CRYSTALS 15323-35-0 Musk, sweet, clean, woody download
ULTRALID I mixture Musk, sweet, powdery, woody download
ULTRAMUSK 1506-02-1 / 15323-35-0 Musk, bright, powdery download
12-OHD 6707-67-40 Musk, woody, sweet, fruity download
ORANGE ISOLATE mixture Citrus, orange, peel, juicy download
NATURAL ORANGENAL mixture Citrus, orange, aldehydic, peel download
ORANGE LF115 mixture Citrus, orange, fresh download
1,1 DIETHOXYETHANE 105-57-7 Fruity, green download
CYCLOMYRAL 68991-97-9 Marine, green, floral, ozone download
DIHYDROISOJASMONATE 37172-53-5 Floral, jasmine, rose, muguet download
EMERALDINE 2556-10-7 Green Leafy Floral download
FLORALYN 8050-15-5 Floral, muguet, mild download
ISOJASMONE T 95-41-0 Herbal, floral, fruity, sweet download
MALTAROME mixture Sweet, woody, caramel, sugar download
ORINOX 2040-10-0 Woody, musk, rose, orange flower download
PATCHWOOD 77923-74-1 Powerful, fresh, woody, aquatic download
TILIANOL NP 98-55-5 Floral, anisic, clean, sweet download
TILIANOL SUPER 95-55-5 Floral, sweet, anisic, clean download
VANILYS mixture Sweet, caramel, vanillin, balsamic download
VEROTYL II 2556-10-7 & 122-71-4 Floral, hyacinth, green, fresh download
YASMOLYS 37172-56-8 Jasmine, Rose, Green, Muguet download
METHYL OCTALACTONE 39212-23-2 Sweet, herbal, warm, hay download
RIBES MERCAPTAN 38462-22-5 & 25265-71-8 Fruity, cassis, strong, diffusive download
EXOVERT HIGH IMPACT 37172-53-5 Fruity, green, citrus, passionfruit, download
TRANS-2-HEXENAL 6728-26-3 Grassy, herbaceous, fruity ester like download
TRANS-2-HEXENOL 2305-21-7 Fresh, green download
TRANS-2-HEXENYL ACETATE 2497-18-9 Fresh, fruity, green download
ALDEHYDE C 16 77-83-8 Fruity, sweet, strwaberry download
CANTONAL 5462-06-6 Sweet-anise, basil fennel, floral download
CYCLOFLORANOL 52386-63-7 Floral, aldehydic. citrus, fresh download
DIMETHYL HYDROQUINONE 150-78-7 Warm, herbaceous, sweet download
DIPHENYL METHANE 101-85-5 Harsh geranium leaf, orange blossom download
IRISWOOD 4736-45-2 Woody, cedar, orris download
ISOBUTYL PHENYL ACETATE 102-13-6 Leafy, rosy, honey undertone download
ISONONYL ACETATE 58430-94-7 Fruity, woody, green, soft, fresh download
KEFLOROL 60 63500-71-0 Floral, fresh, soft, rose, muguet download
METHYL ACETOPHENONE 122-00-9 Sweet, floral, fresh, warm, reminicient of Coumarin download
METHYL BENZOATE 93-58-3 Sweet, slighly pungent, floral download
OZAFLOR 52424-60-9 Clear ozone, citrus, floral warm download
PARACRESYL ACETATE 140-39-6 Pungent, lily-like floral, narcissus undertone download
PARACRESYL METHYL ETHER 104-93-8 Pungent, sharp, sweet, ylang type download
PHENYL ETHYL METHYL ETHER 3558-60-9 Penetrating, warm floral, hyacith download
PHENYL ETHYL PHENYL ACETATE 102-20-5 Sweet, floral, balsamic, honey undertone download
SAGECETE 131766-73-9 Herbal, sage, tea, fruity download
TROPICATE 14352-61-5 Fruity, pineapple, banana, honey download
YARA YARA 93-04-9 Floral, orange flower download